PortaPint 25C Nitro+2 (built in Nitro infuser)


PortPint 25C Nitro+2 Twin tap draught dispenser with built in air compressor, and cooler, pouring up to 45 ice cold pints per hour. Great for small events or for a home bar. This model has a built in nitro infuser controlled by the dial on the front of the machine. Designed to add foam to draught kegged cocktails (espresso Martini etc). Can also be used with cold brew coffee to add nitrogen to the liquid. Nitrogen is taken from the atmosphere and mixed internally. External nitrogen gas bottles are not required.

Fitted with adjustable creamer taps.


  • Pipes (when purchased with keg coupler)
  • 12-month warranty

Product Information

  • Output or performance (in lit./hour): 25l/h (45 pints)
  • Net Weight: 22.5 Kg
  • Frequency: 220-240v/50hz
  • Run Current: 1.4A
  • Power Consumption: 290W(cooling power 210w)
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Height: 350mm (390mm to handle)
  • Width: 210mm
  • Length: 430mm (570mm including drip tray)
  • Product inlet/air outlet 3/8"